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An evening cast on the Grimersta First Stream....


A typical Grimersta summer Grilse....


Upstream from the Battery Pool....


Grimersta Loch Faoghail Chiorabhal with the Harris hills to the south....

Isle of Lewis
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Sporting Club Rules 2013




1.1 Chairman. The Chairman of Grimersta Sporting Club Limited or a nominated Director.

1.2 Member. A shareholder of Grimersta Estate Limited.

1.3 Honorary Member. A former shareholder of Grimersta Estate Limited. Honorary Members have all privileges of membership with the exception of the right to vote.

1.4 Senior Member. The longest standing Member or Honorary Member in residence.

1.5 Temporary Member. All fishing guests are Temporary Members of Grimersta Sporting Club for the duration of their visit. A charge for Temporary Membership for guests is included in the Rod Rental.

1.6 Rod. Any individual fishing at Grimersta.


2.1 Estate Manager. Responsible to the Chairman for the overall management of Grimersta Estate and its staff.

2.2 Head Ghillie. Responsible to the Estate Manager. Advises on fishing matters. Line Manager for ghillies, watchers and other outside seasonal staff.

2.3 Lodge Manager. Responsible to the Estate Manager for the running of Grimersta Lodge and the Estate Office. Line Manager for the Chef and all domestic staff.

2.4 Handyman. Responsible to the Estate Manager for general duties, security, driving, and routine maintenance and repairs.


3.1 The annual Salmon fishing season for Loch Roag is 11th February – 15th October.

3.2 The annual Trout fishing season in Scotland is 15th March – 6th October.

3.3 Fishing at Grimersta is usually let by the week. Changeover is on a Wednesday evening; the fishing week commences and concludes at 18.00 hours each Wednesday.

3.4 Fishing is not permitted on Sundays.


4.1 The draw for beats and the allocation of ghillies takes place on the Wednesday evening. There are several alternative rotas that take account of differing conditions and the distribution of fish. The Head Ghillie will advise on the most appropriate system for a particular week.


Beat 1. The Grimersta River and the northern half of Loch Faoghail an Tuim (Loch One).

Beat 2. The First Stream and the southern half of Loch Faoghail an Tuim (Loch One).

Beat 3. Macleay’s Stream and Loch Faoghail Chiorabhal (Loch Three). The Ford Stream and southern part of Loch Faighail Kirraval between 11.00 hours and 16.00 hours.

Beat 4. Loch Airigh na h-Airde (Loch Four) and the Langavat Rivers. The Ford Stream and the southern part of Loch Faoghail Chiorabhal before 11.00 hours and after 16.00 hours.

Loch an Easa Ghil (Stewart’s Loch). May be used by Beat 3 or Beat 4 by arrangement.


4.3 Ghillies are on duty between 09.30 hours and 17.30 hours. Boats may not be used without ghillies.

4.4 Beat and boundary markers are designated by white posts. These will be pointed out by the ghillies.

4.5 Beats change at 18.00 hours.

4.6 Rods on Beat 1 may fish the Grimersta River after 18.00 hours and before breakfast.

4.7 Rods on Beat 2 may fish the First Stream after 18.00 hours and before breakfast.

4.8 Rods on Beat 3 may fish Macleay’s Stream after 18.00 hours and before breakfast.

4.9 Rods on Beat 4 may fish the Ford Stream after 18.00 hours and before breakfast.

4.10 Rods on Beats 3 and 4 (which require a walk when ghillies are not on duty) may choose instead to fish Loch Faoghail an Tuim (Loch One) from the bank.


5.1 A “Roving Boat” is available on Loch Faoghail an Tuim (Loch One). The Roving Boat offers an alternative should conditions make fishing Lochs 3 or 4 impracticable.

5.2 The Roving Boat must give priority to the boats of Beat 1 and Beat 2 and should not be used south of the Bothy Island on Beat 2.


6.1 Grimersta has fishing records dating from 1875. Each evening the Estate Manager will produce the Day Card. This is a summary of rod returns and weather conditions; from this the Senior Member or host should update the Salmon Record Book. If requested the Estate Manager will complete the book.

6.2 The Estate Manager will collate the Members Weekly Summary on the Wednesday evening. The Senior Member will be asked to add any observations and the summary will be disseminated to Members on the Thursday.


7.1 All Rods are expected to conduct themselves in a sporting manner.

7.2 No fishing is to take place until a Gyrodactylus Salaris declaration has been signed and returned to the Estate Office.

7.3 All fishing is by artificial fly only.

7.4 Trolling is not permitted.

7.5 Conservation. Grimersta operates an “informed and voluntary” policy on catch and release. The release of Salmon and particularly hen fish is strongly encouraged. All Spring Salmon and all Sea trout should be returned. The Estate Manager and Head Ghillie will advise.

7.6 Dogs are welcome on the estate subject to prior arrangement with the Estate Manager. Dogs are not allowed in the lodge, kenneling is very limited and dogs are expected to sleep in cars.

7.7 Smoking is not permitted in the lodge, estate buildings or vehicles.

7.8 In the unlikely event of a serious breach of the rules or in the case of other inappropriate behavior, the Estate Manager and Senior Member (if present) will seek to resolve the issue. Where this is not possible the matter will be referred to the Chairman. The Chairman may resort to a range of measures, which could in extreme cases lead to the suspension or resignation of the transgressor.


8.1 All Rods must wear life jackets when in a boat. Rods are strongly advised to wear suitable eye protection when fishing.

8.2 On occasion weather conditions may preclude boat fishing. In such circumstances the Head Ghillie will advise bank fishing and an adjustment to the draw may be recommended.

8.3 The Head Ghillie will decide if it is safe to fish from the boats. Whilst in a boat the ghillies have responsibility for the safety of Rods and Rods must comply with the ghillie’s advice. Rods who fail to comply do so entirely at their own risk.


9.1 All reservations are made through the Estate Manager.

9.2 Provisional reservations can be made at any time. However reservations for guests (Temporary Members) will not be confirmed until after those of Members. This is usually completed by the September preceding the season.

9.3 In the event of a week being over-subscribed, Members who were unsuccessful will be offered priority for the same week in the subsequent season.

9.4 All Rods will reside at Grimersta Lodge.

9.5 The rates for fishing and board and accommodation will be fixed annually. Rates vary between Members and Temporary Members. The Members rate will also apply to spouses and children of Members.

9.6 The Rod Rate includes the services of the ghillies.

9.7 An account for the Rod Rate will be issued on confirmation of the reservation. A deposit is payable at that time. Invoices for the outstanding balance of the Rod Rate and for Board and Accommodation will be issued some six weeks prior to arrival and are payable at that time.

9.8 Unless previously arranged with the Estate Manager the person making the booking will be responsible for settling the account of their guest or party and all liabilities incurred. After each visit a subsequent account for additional items such as tackle, transport, drinks and sundries will be issued and is payable upon receipt.

10. Cancellation. In the event of a cancellation the Estate Manager will re-advertise the vacancy. Should the Estate Manager be unable to let the vacancy, the full cost of the booking may be payable. We strongly recommend that Members and guests insure against holiday cancellation and have suitable travel insurance.

11. Value Added Tax. All prices include VAT where appropriate.


12.1 Members wishing to shoot on the estate should contact the Estate Manager.

12.2 Shooting is generally discouraged before the end of the fishing season on 15th October.

12.3 All Guns are to be in possession of a valid shotgun certificate, an appropriate game license and adequate third party insurance.


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