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An evening cast on the Grimersta First Stream....


A typical Grimersta summer Grilse....


Upstream from the Battery Pool....


Grimersta Loch Faoghail Chiorabhal with the Harris hills to the south....

Isle of Lewis
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The Grimersta System

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The Grimersta System
Sea Pool

Sea Pool

The only tidal pool on the river, this small but very productive pool fishes best around the high tide when fish are running. It has a five year average of 40 Salmon.
Kelt Pool

Kelt Pool

A good holding pool which fishes at all water heights and throughout the season.
Bridge Pool

Bridge Pool

This is the most productive pool on the river with a five year average of 91 Salmon.

This pool can produce fish at any time during the season given a reasonable amount of water.
Birkie Hue

Moderate to high water levels are best.


Generally requires reasonable water levels, ideally when fresh fish are running the river.
Tot Hole

Tot Hole

Always worth a cast, Tot Hole fishes at any time throughout the season.
Admiral's Hut



A very productive little pool, Captains holds fish in all but the highest water levels.
The Long Pool

Generally the best of the middle pools on the river, the Long Pool is good when fish are running but also has a good number of residents from July onward.
The Island Pool

This pool fishes in higher water and should be at its best towards the end of the season.
Fraser Bird's

With two distinct streams, Fraser Bird's needs plenty of water to fish well; a long cast needed to cover the far lies.

Regarded as the most productive high water pool on the river. Can produce fish at any time of the season given decent water.
Lower Rocky
Lower Rocky

An attractive pool, small but deep and fast moving, Lower Rocky is a low water pool and becomes unfishable in higher water.
Colonel Bradford's

A small but often very productive pool, it fishes best with moderate water levels.
Upper Rocky

A narrow, fast moving piece of water that holds fish when the river is low. Landing fish here requires care!

Benjie is one of the most productive high water pools on the river.
Lower Battery
Lower Battery

This pool will hold fish in low water but fishes best with 2' 6" or more on the gauge.

The most attractive pool on the river, fish will lie in the fast water at the neck of the pool in low water, but is worth fishing in all but the highest water levels.

Fishes best in higher water when fish are running and again at the back end of the season when fish drop back from the lochs.
New Pool
New Pool

The top of New Pool can be very productive when fresh fish are running, but the whole pool fishes well in high water from September.
Loch One
(Loch Faoghail an Tuim)

The first and most northerly loch on the Grimersta system and usually the most productive.

This loch is split between Beats One and Two. As with all the lochs, they need a decent wind, generally best in southerly and westerly winds the loch has many good lies, often very close to the rocky shores and points.
First Stream

First Stream

A short but prolific stretch of water connecting Loch Faighail Charrasan and Loch Faoghail an Tuim. This was the site of Mr Naylor's British record.

The First Stream is always worth a cast and will fish in all but the lowest water levels, ideally with a north westerly wind.
Loch Two
(Loch Faighail Charrasan)

Loch Two

The second loch on the system is leased to Carason Angling Club. Access to Beats further up the system is by ferry.
Macleay's Stream


The stream between Loch Faighail Chiorabhal and Loch Faighail Charrasan, this stretch of water can be very productive at all water levels and at any time during the season.


The top and tail of this pool can be very good with moderate to high water.
Loch Faighail Chiorabhal

Loch Three

A fairly small but prolific loch that is part of Beat Three. It fishes best with a moderate to strong South to West wind.
Loch an Easa Ghil

Part of a side system of lochs to the west. Loch an Easa Ghil is usually fished as part of Beats Three and Four. It is a small but productive loch with many attractive islands and rocky points.
Ford Stream

The Ford Stream

The stream Between Loch Airigh na h-Airde and Loch Chiorabal, the Ford Stream can be exceptionally good given a reasonable amount of water. A prime spot for early season fish.
Skunk Point

Skunk Point
Soval Point

Soval Point
Loch Four (Loch Airigh na h-Airde)

Loch Four

This loch is two miles long with numerous reefs and islands. The top or south end of the loch is generally the more productive, with the areas where the rivers run in from Langavat being particularly good.
Louis Fauchier Magnon

Louis Fachier Magnon
Langavat River

This stretch of river runs from Loch Langavat into Loch Airigh na h-Airde. It only fishes in very high water but at the right time it can be extremely productive.
Little Langavat

The area where the stream from Loch Langavat runs in to Loch Airigh na h-Airde can fish very well in high water conditions. Like the Langavat River it needs 4' or more on the gauge to fish well.
Loch Langavat

The headwaters of the system at over eight miles in length. The fishing on this loch is shared between six estates and two angling clubs.
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