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Grimersta Lodge

Grimersta Lodge, built in 1861 stands on the shore of East Loch Roag, the Atlantic sea loch into which the Grimersta River flows. When fish are running, guests in the lodge can enjoy the wonderful sight of shoals of salmon and grilse preparing to enter the river...


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An evening cast on the Grimersta First Stream....


A typical Grimersta summer Grilse....


Upstream from the Battery Pool....


Grimersta Loch Faoghail Chiorabhal with the Harris hills to the south....

Isle of Lewis
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Reports 2015


The final return for Season 2015 was 225 salmon and grilse at an average weight of 5 ½ lbs.  67 fish (30%) were caught on the lochs. 198 fish (88%) of the catch was returned voluntarily. 

46 salmon were recorded, (20% of the rod catch), of which 41 (89%) were returned. 13 fish were caught pre-main season, including fish of 13 lbs., 14 ½ lbs., and the biggest fish of the season, a 15 lb. cock, caught and returned on 1st June from Tot Hole (on a Monkey), by Richard Hold.

There were 419 Sea trout and 532 Brown trout.

Last season (2014) we saw a reasonable run of grilse but returns were hampered by a combination of Mediterranean conditions for much of the season, and then, when conditions improved, fish refused to take.

Conversely, this season we had good fishing conditions largely throughout, with water levels generally nearer 3’ than 2’ and only falling below 2’ on 4 days during the entire season (August 23rd – 26th). We hoped initially that either the unusual conditions were disguising the distribution of fish, or, that the main run was late. However by mid-August we finally accepted that it was a very disappointing run of grilse.

There were however, areas of encouragement. The condition of the grilse was excellent with very few undersized fish. Secondly, the return 419 Sea trout was the best for 31 years (1984 - 515). This included a good number of fish in the 2 – 3 lb. range, and notably, 2 fish of 5 lbs., the best Sea trout anyone can recall at Grimersta. (R Hold, 5th June and G Curtis, 11th July).



15 salmon and grilse, 11 Sea trout and 6 Brown trout.

Mrs Drake, a 9lb. cock fish from the Ford Stream on an Ally’s Shrimp, returned.

Ghillie Chris Langhorne had the last fish of the season, a 5 lb. cock fish from Loch Arigh na h-Airde (Loch Four), on a Willie Gunn (returned).



26 salmon and grilse, 100 Sea trout and 94 Brown trout

2 notable fish:

Mr John Gordon, a 12 lb. cock fish from Loch Faighail Chiorabhail (Loch Three), on a Willie Gunn (returned)

Mr Harry Edmonds, 11 lb. cock fish from Loch Faighail an Tuim (Loch One), on a Stoats Tail (returned)



53 salmon and grilse for the month, 244 Sea trout and 163 Brown trout.

Best fish an 8 lb. cock for Professor Ian Halliday, Macleay’s, Black Francis (returned)




101 salmon and grilse for the month, 54 Sea trout and 91 Brown trout.

9 notable fish:

4th July, Stephan Haimo, 8 lb. hen from Sanderson’s on a Craithie Shrimp.

8th July, Greg Campbell, 8 lb. cock from Macleay’s on a Cascade.

14thJuly, Victor Beamish, 8 lb. hen from the Bridge Pool on a Cascade.

15th July, Dan Wormull, 8½ lb. cock from Macleay’s on a Cascade.

20th July, Roy Howells, 8 lb. hen from the Ford Stream, on a Cascade.

24th July, Rupert Voremberg, 9 lb. hen from Macleay’s on an Ally’s Shrimp.

25th July, Rhoddy Voremberg, 8 lb. cock from the Sea Pool on a Cascade.

27th July, Rupert Voremberg, 8 lb. hen from Loch Airigh na h-Airde on a Muddler Minnow.

29th July, Alistair Peake, 9 lb. cock from Loch an Easa Ghil, on a Blue Elver.

Fish are spread throughout the system, although not showing on the lochs in any number. Water levels not an issue, with rain and persistent showers throughout the month, the gauge on Loch Faoghail Charrasan reaching 4’ on the 13th and remaining above 3’ thereafter.



Sue Bourne playing and landing a fish - Sea Pool




23 salmon and grilse for the month.

The best, a 15 lb. cock fish caught and returned to Tot Hole by Grimersta ghillie Richard Hold fishing a Monkey.

Three further notable fish. A 13 lb. cock fish, taken and returned to the First Stream by Christina Macdonald fishing a Cascade. Richard Hold caught and returned a 9 lb. fish from Macleay’s and Nick Liddle had a 9 lb. cock fish (returned) from Loch Faoghail Chiorábhal on a Silver Stoat.

7 Sea trout recorded and 151 Brown trout.

A reasonable start to the season and above the 5-year average although grilse are yet not showing in any numbers.Showers throughout the month, and very heavy rain in the last week have maintained water levels. The gauge on Loch Faoghail Charrasan currently at 3’ 4”, a foot higher than this time last season.



22nd JUNE

Grimersta Head Ghillie returning 6lb fish to Seapool


Head Ghillie Jason Laing returning Nick Liddle's 6lb hen grilse to the Sea Pool (Blue Elver)














Christina Macdonald Lodge Manager 13lb Cock

6 Salmon thus far.

1 Sea trout of 5 lbs for Richard Hold

This is the biggest Sea trout recorded at Grimersta for many years.

13 Brown trout.


1st June. R Hold, 15 lb. cock fish, Tot Hole, Monkey.

2nd June. P Ratcliffe, 7 lb. cock fish, Burn Foot, Collie Dog.

3rd June. P Ratcliffe, 7.5 lb. cock fish, Ford Stream, Collie Dog.

6th June. C Macdonald, 13 lb. cock fish, First Stream, Cascade.

6th June. R Hold, 9 lb. cock fish, Macleay’s, Monkey.

8th June. J Shipley, 5 lb. hen fish, Col. Bradford’s, Sunray Shadow.



Christina Macdonald, Grimersta Lodge Manager, with 13lb cock fish from the First Stream



Summary It remains unseasonably cold but, luckily, we have water. The gauge stands at 3’ 4” in contrast to the 1’ 9” of this time last season. Having had an encouraging run of Spring salmon we are now seeing the first grilse, and there are reports of shoals appearing further up the coast.




6 Salmon recorded. 0 Sea trout, 16 Brown trout.


11th May. I Macary, 11 lb. cock fish, First Stream, Black & Orange tube.1

3th May. B Davies, 13 lb. cock fish, Captain’s, Willie Gunn.

18th May. R Wilson, 14.5 lb. cock fish, First Stream, Shrimp fly.

26th May. I Macary, 8 lb. hen fish, Bridge Pool, Black & Orange tube.

27th May. R Hold, 10 lb. hen fish, Bridge Pool, Collie Dog.

30th May. P Ratcliffe, 9 lb. cock fish, Bridge Pool, Cascade.



No salmon recorded. 4 Sea trout, 11 Brown trout.



1 Salmon recorded.13th March. O Alston, 10 lb. cock fish, First Stream, Black & Yellow tube.

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