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Grimersta Lodge

Grimersta Lodge, built in 1861 stands on the shore of East Loch Roag, the Atlantic sea loch into which the Grimersta River flows. When fish are running, guests in the lodge can enjoy the wonderful sight of shoals of salmon and grilse preparing to enter the river...


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An evening cast on the Grimersta First Stream....


A typical Grimersta summer Grilse....


Upstream from the Battery Pool....


Grimersta Loch Faoghail Chiorabhal with the Harris hills to the south....

Isle of Lewis
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Reports 2013

October Summary

29 salmon and grilse, average weight 5 lbs. 19 Sea trout and 43 Brown trout.

Best fish: 9th October, Christopher Legge, 8 lb. cock, Ford Stream on a Black Francis.

A very slow start to the month, with only 1 fish recorded by 7th. Much needed rain on the 9th restored water levels to 4’ ½”; at last allowing the Langavat rivers to fish. Levels then slowly dropped back to 3’ by close.


September Summary

82 salmon and grilse, average weight 5 lbs. 34 Sea trout and 154 Brown trout.

Best fish: 9th September, Andrew Boys, 10 lb. hen, Ford Stream on a Gold Stoat.

Weekly Returns:

September 5th – 11th. 13 salmon and grilse. 12 Sea trout, 14 Brown trout.

September 12th – 18th. 31 salmon and grilse. 7 Sea trout, 29 Brown trout.

September 19th – 25th. 26 salmon and grilse. 5 Sea trout, 79 Brown trout.

September 26th – October 2nd. 3 grilse, 9 Sea trout, 49 Brown trout.

Water levels rose from 2’ 8” on the 1st to 3’ 8” on the 18th; thereafter remaining below 3’ for the remainder of the month. Ideally at the stage of the season 4’ and above would be anticipated.

Outlook There are fish holding in every pool on the river and significant numbers of fish on Loch Faighail Chiorabhail (Loch Three). However we need a gale and heavy rain to freshen everything up and allow a decent last two weeks of the season.


August Summary

18 salmon, average weight 8 lbs. and 123 grilse, average weight 5 lbs. 137 Sea trout and 135 Brown trout.

Weekly Returns:

August 1st – 7th. 62 salmon and grilse, 33 Sea trout.

August 8th – 14th. 32 salmon and grilse, 57 Sea trout.

August 15th – 21st. 31 salmon and grilse, 29 Sea trout.

August 22nd – 28th. 11 salmon and grilse, 12 Sea trout.

August 29th – September 4th. 15 salmon and grilse, 16 Sea trout.

Notable fish:

5th August. Victor Beamish, 9 lb. Battery Pool, Silver Stoat.

15th August. Gus Stafford Allen, 12 lbs. Loch Faighail an Tuim, Crathie Shrimp.

17th August. Lt. Col. Tony Drake, 12 lbs. Loch Faighail an Tuim, Blue Elver.

20th August. Sam Stafford Allen, 10 lbs. Loch Faighail an Tuim, Muddler Minnow.

21st August. Brian Stevens, 9 lbs. Kelt Pool, Muddler Minnow.

21st August. Lt. Col. Tony Drake, 10 lbs. First Stream, Cascade Shrimp.


Water levels rose from 1’ 9” on 1st of the month to 3’ on 7th. Thereafter levels remained between 2’ 6” and 3’ throughout the month.

Outlook There are reasonable numbers of fish in the lower and middle system but few fish showing on Loch Airigh na h-Airde (Loch Four). At the time of writing water levels are rising (3’ 6” on 5th September); given decent weather conditions prospects are good for the last month of the season.


July Summary

84 salmon and grilse, average weight 5 lbs. 83 Sea trout and 113 Brown trout.

Very few fish to be seen in the first week of the month. However from then on shoals of grilse to be seen in the sea and running into the lower river.

The week 11th – 17th produced 22 salmon and grilse; the week 18th – 24th 24 fish and the final week 17 salmon and grilse.

Given the number of fish seen this is disappointing and well below the five-year average however entirely due to weather conditions with high pressure and warm water, the temperature on Loch Faighail an Tuim on 23rd July reached 24 degrees!

No particularly large fish but 5 summer salmon of 7 lbs. recorded:

5th July Barry Stewart, cock fish from Upper Rocky, Cascade.

12th July Tim Kempster, hen fish, Bridge Pool, Red Francis.

20th July Roy Howells, hen fish, Bridge Pool, Cascade.

23 July, Jonathan Armitt, Loch Airigh na h-Airde, Crathie Shrimp.

24th July, Rosamund Hebdon, hen fish from Upper Rocky on a Blue Elver.

Water levels remained pretty constant; 1st July 1’ 10” and remaining below 2” throughout the month.

Given the number of fish and reasonable water levels it will be interesting when the weather eventually breaks.


June Summary

21 salmon and grilse, average weight 5 lbs. Best fish a 10 ¾ lb. cock fish caught by Dr Ken Strachan on Loch Faighail an Tuim, taken on a Silver Stoat.

7 Sea trout and 130 Brown trout.

Reasonable weather conditions throughout the month.

The season proper opened on 13th June with the gauge at 1’ 10”, 8” higher than the equivalent week last season.

Levels dropped to 1’ 8 ½” on 24th but persistent rain and drizzle allowed levels to recover to 2’ by the end of the month.

Small shoals first appearing below the Sea Pool on 19th June and a sea-liced fish was taken from the Ford Stream on 22nd so fish are dispersing throughout the system.


May Summary

2 salmon and 13 Sea trout

Howard Maciver, 9 lb. hen fish, First Stream on a Conehead.

Ivor Macrary, 15 lb. cock fish, Bridge Pool on an Ally’s Shrimp


April Summary

2 salmon and 8 Sea trout

The first fish of the season was landed, and released on 22nd April. Martin Robson, 5 lb. cock fish from the Bridge Pool on a Cascade.

David Chisholm, 8 lb. hen fish, Tot Hole on a Shiela

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