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Grimersta Lodge

Grimersta Lodge, built in 1861 stands on the shore of East Loch Roag, the Atlantic sea loch into which the Grimersta River flows. When fish are running, guests in the lodge can enjoy the wonderful sight of shoals of salmon and grilse preparing to enter the river...


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An evening cast on the Grimersta First Stream....


A typical Grimersta summer Grilse....


Upstream from the Battery Pool....


Grimersta Loch Faoghail Chiorabhal with the Harris hills to the south....

Isle of Lewis
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Reports 2017


Steady but unspectacular is the best way to describe the fishing in July. Fish were running in throughout the month and seemed to be settling mostly in the lower beats, although loch Airigh na h-Airde (Loch Four) has been producing a reasonable number as well.

Rain came towards the end of the month with water levels rising and as a result most of the pools in the river began to produce fish. Thankfully the fish that are in loch Faoghail An Tuim (Loch One) were settled enough that the higher water didn’t encourage as many to run as happened last season, and fishing remained steady on the loch when conditions allowed. Loch Faoghail Kirraval (Loch Three) remains disappointing, and there have been no Salmon yet caught on Loch An Easa Ghil (Stewart's Loch)

While we have not had any really big weeks in terms of catches, every week has enjoyed sport and the numbers have been remarkably steady for July, marred only by three days of very hot and still weather during which only one fish was caught.


June has been a very good month this year, steady numbers of fish running in and being caught throughout the system from the Sea Pool to Loch four. Intermittent rain has kept the water levels at a very steady 1’10” – 2’4” which is ideal for this time of year. A few days of East and North East aside the wind has also been favourable with moderate to strong Westerlies.
Sea trout are just beginning to appear and although not many have been caught yet, those that have are in very good condition.
31 Salmon and grilse were caught, and we had a nice finish to the month with two first ever fish on the 30th for Steve Buckby and Richard Waite.


Our usual die hard local anglers began fishing as soon as the season opened in February. Despite regular outings in pretty good conditions, it wasn’t until the 14th of April that the first Salmon was caught by local angler Roddy Gomez. This was followed by another three April fish, one for Philip Blair and two for Howard Maciver, carrying on where he left off last season.
Unfortunately, we then had a prolonged dry spell and water levels plummeted, meaning a difficult May. The gauge was down to 1’7” for a while, and while we have had some rain and it came up an inch or so it is still low. It wasn’t until the 30th that another fish was caught, new Ghillie Tobias Park with a lovely 6.5lber from the tail of the first stream, ably ghillied by Peter.
There have been fish seen in the sea, and we have had reports of fish caught on Langavat so they are running the river despite the low water. The seasonal staff are all here now, and boats out on all the lochs so hopefully there will be a few more in the book before the first guests arrive.

... a wonderful 2017 Grimersta springer before release

...and Jubilee Pool with Island Bothy. Snow on the hills in April. Cuckoo arrives and makes himself known timeously and without fail on the 28th.

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